Randy Macfarlane

Sub-Prime Finance Manager

Bilingual: English and Spanish


If there is one thing that everyone here at Straightline Kia’s Financing Department - including our exciting new Spanish speaking Sub-Prime Finance Manager Randy Macfarlane - understands, it is that for most people getting a new vehicle isn’t always a matter of ‘want’, it is more often than not a matter of need.

We also understand that need may be coming regardless of your current credit situation. A car breaking down doesn’t check your finances before doing so, after all. That is why we refuse to let poor or non-existent credit be a barrier to our customers. With rates as low as 3.9% for people who are rebuilding their credit, our team is breaking those barriers down and has worked tirelessly to cultivate one of the best sub-vented credit building programs in the industry.

Our secret isn’t complicated or particularly secretive, we work with a wide range of financial institutions to find you a rate that works for you and your life. From Scotia Dealer Advantage to TD Auto Finance, Community Financing, and CARFINCO we have the connections to find you something that will work for your current situation. Combine that with a team who are second to none, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Another situation we run into all the time is the ‘new Canadian’’ driver. Being from somewhere else does not mean that you don’t deserve a new car. Our ‘new to country’ program is exemplary, and it has contributed to a reputation that hopefully brought you right here. In the end, the team here at Straightline Kia are the ones you can count on to get you back on the road again sooner, no matter what your current financial or living situation is.

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